Affordable Paint Sprayers

Top priority is the main reason, a model that originates from exceedingly respected producer Graco. This unit has a decent arrangement of highlights and performs well with a wide range of materials. On the off chance that light obligation occupations around the house are what you’re after, this machine may be the one for you. Read on to discover more about it in our full review beneath.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

Product Basics

To cover extensive zones like wall, sheds, walls and carports, the Magnum X5 accompanies a metal SG2 weapon for splash painting. This weapon has a strong full trigger and can work with tips up to 0.015″. In mix with a 515 RAC IV tip, you’ll have the capacity to direct out 0.27 gallons of material for each moment. The adaptable admission tube gives you a chance to work with 1 and 5-gallon holders so you don’t need to refill as regularly.

The spraying gun is associated with the focal unit through the included 25 feet of DuraFlex hose. On the off chance that you need to invest less energy moving around, you can utilize a hose that is up to 75 feet without trading off complete quality or focusing on the engine.

Since this is a venture demonstrate, its suggested yearly utilization is 125 gallons. We imagine that is all that anyone could need to handle any extend around a normal size house. On the off chance that you need an best airless paint sprayer that can deal with light contracting occupations, you should contribute more cash and get a “Star” demonstrate from Graco’s lineup. All things considered, the 1/2 pull engine at the core of the Magnum 262800 X5 can put out 3000 PSI of weight which is all that could possibly be needed for home undertakings.

Stainless Steel made Pump

A standout amongst the most essential parts of any paint machine is that its made out of value parts. The direct in this unit has a tempered steel cylinder which guarantees a decent life expectancy and dependable execution.

Easy to Clean

The Power Flush connector that accompanies the Graco Magnum X5 appends effortlessly to your garden hose and accelerates cleaning. On the off chance that you’ve spared time painting, for what reason not spare time while washing your apparatuses? An occupation that once took 30 minutes or all the more presently takes ten minutes and no more.

With regards to introductory setup, it was a breeze. Much the same as other Graco models, this paint sprayer has fast guidelines appended to the unit. Other than that, it accompanies an instructional DVD and a full client manual.


With regards to coatings, this paint sprayer can work with a wide range of materials. It handles anything from stains to acrylics and latex. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t utilize dissolvable based veneers square fillers and materials that have surfaces particles.


  • Cheap in price
  • Lightweight consistent performer
  • Easy to set up


  • Sometime clog when thicker material is used
  • Can be improved more
  • Recommended for outdoor


Since this is certifiably not a first class product, you should pick materials deliberately. Think about this current unit’s details to dodge clog up and downtime while painting.

All things considered, form quality isn’t the best, yet that is regularly the case at this value point. To avoid dissatisfaction, you should discover what this airless sprayer is able to do and what you expect to utilize it for.